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    Soak up Eupepsia's
    Cedar Chalet

Voted #1 Best Wellness Resort in USA - Top Wellness Resort - USA Today's Top 10 Readers Choice Award.

Whether you lounge on a bean bag with a good book or sip a golden milk at night in a movie lounge getting into your favorite ‘feel good’ movie… you always get this warm feeling of being at ‘home away from home’ at Eupepsia.

After a star gazing session at the Eupepsia observatory deck, cozy up around the fireplace with a hot ‘sleep well’ drink in the outdoor gazebo next to the wood stone pizza oven. The best way to spend the evening, any time, any season!

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    Get your hands dirty in our
    organic greenhouses
    and taste the difference of
    Eupepsia farm to table

Taste the difference of farm to table meals, prepared from fresh produce from our organic greenhouses, botanical garden, cow and goat milking farms, cheese cave and fruit tree orchards.

Get your hands dirty in the organic, year round, greenhouses. Join our horticulturist on a tour of our vegetables, herbs and Ayurvedic plants and learn about organic gardening hands-on.

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    Savor the six tastes of
    Ayurvedic food inspired
    by world cuisines and
    customized to your body type

Whether indoors in a beautiful cedar wood dining room or outdoors on a terrace with a view, the delicious vegetarian high cuisine will delight your senses and leave you joyful and gratified.

Savor our delicious, farm-to-table vegetarian meals, prepared with special Ayurvedic cooking techniques, and led by our French Chef, keeping you nourished and balanced.

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    Understand your body
    type and the root cause of
    your lifestyle challenges

Do an Ayurvedic body type consultation. Based on your Ayurvedic body type, Eupepsia is able to customize meals for you, design your treatments plan and thus fully personalize your wellness experience.

Through the advanced thermography scanning, you will be able to understand the areas of inflammation or congestion in your body to be able to target them for faster recovery.

An iridology assessment will highlight the interlinkages of what might currently be happening in your body and give a deeper insight on how to focus your rejuvenation therapies.

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    Immerse yourself in
    healing Ayurvedic
    herbal wellness

Relax and recharge whilst giving in to the rhythm of a warm herbal oil being slowly poured over your forehead and into your hair. A wonderful way to calm your nerves for complete rejuvenation!

Soak yourself in balancing herbal oils hand mixed for correcting imbalances in your body type, whilst enjoying long stroke Ayurvedic relaxation massage.

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    Cleanse and renew
    in the Himalayan
    Salt Chalet

Unwind or even fall into a gentle slumber in Eupepsia’s Himalayan Salt Chalet harnessing the rejuvenation and healing benefits of millions of negative ions dispersed in the air through halo therapy.

Drift into deep relaxation in our Salt Water Flotation Room and experience the benefits of natural purification.

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    Discover the
    powerful benefits
    of Hydrotherapy

Relish the endless nature view whilst walking on the underwater treadmill or swimming against an endless water stream.

Engage in a bike session on our Hydro Spa Bikes, gentle on your joints, with water massage jets, reaping the additional benefits of chromotherapy. Truly the best way to slim down and stay fit!

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    Experience a meditative
    form of yoga

Deep dive into a personal journey of self-awareness and self-reflection in our bright 8,000 sq. ft Grand Yoga Hall, a masterpiece of design and function, inviting peace, serenity, focus and mindfulness.

Or submerse into nature during an outdoor yoga session in our open-air yoga studio on the pond or in the pergola. Breathe in the fresh air, enjoy quiet contemplation in our gardens or relax by the creek to experience full tranquility and serenity.

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    Strengthen your
    core in the state of
    the art
    training gym and
    multi-purpose Sports Hall

It’s like a playground for grown ups! Using the Queenax and MoveStrong rigs with countless unique accessories, you can run a circuit training and outperform yourself every single time.

And why not engage in an obstacle course with parallel bars, climbing robe, cargo net or Angle through the cargo net towards climbing wall.

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    Explore the Great
    and breathe
    in one of the purest air
    in the world

Climb up to the Big Walker Lookout and enjoy a panoramic view of five neighboring states. On your way back, take a photo by the LOVE work sign.

Take a hike on one of the five trails on the property connected to the Jefferson National Forest and nearby on the Blue Ridge Mountains. Stop by the tree house and explore a historical cave.